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An online studio for

artists across the world


The Rising Artists Online Studio is a platform for artists worldwide to improve their skillset and connect with their creative source

Founded by two international artists and coaches

Constanza Palavecino & Deborah Meister

About the Studio


At The Rising Artists Online Studio we are passionate about what we do. We understand that many people have different backgrounds, nationalities, experiences and realities, yet many of us have one thing in common: the love of art and expressing ourselves through art in its many forms. 

That is why we created The Rising Artists Online Studio and Community to help and support other artists achieve their true potential in their technical skills, knowledge about the industry and connection to their creative source to grow on a personal and spiritual level. 

We offer a variety of online classes and programs focusing on these different areas so make sure you check out the program section to identify what works best for you depending on your personal needs and circumstances. 

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New York City
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