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Interested in the Free Class

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December 11th -
20:00 - 21:00 GMT+1


In this free live one-hour webinar we answer questions regarding the US-Acting Industry. Join us and send us your questions ahead of time.  We will cover basics as: 

  1. What does the US Industry look like?

  2. The three steps to book a job.

  3. Tips for internationals.

  4. Answering your questions. 

  5. And much more 




The new dates will be posted soon: 

US INDUSTRY INTENSIVE WEBINAR with  option for a live self-tape workshop and Feedback from Hollywood Casting Director


INTENSIVE WEBINAR:  17. NOV 2020 19:00 - 22:00 GMT+1   

WITH OPTION WORKSHOP: 18.NOV 2020  19:00 -21:00 GMT+1

We are in a new era. The era of VIRTUAL AUDITIONS. What has been very difficult in the past for international actors, being part of the US industry, has now become more accessible due to the acceptance of self-tapes and virtual live auditions. 

You may already be a working actor, trained and ready for the move, wondering about a working visa or you may still be in Acting school?
Maybe you are only thinking about becoming an actor at this point? Wherever you are in your career path, this is for you.  

The Intensive Webinar takes place in the evening of Nov 17th answering all those questions: 

  • How does the Acting Industry in the UNITED STATES look like?

  • How is it different from my home country?

  • How do virtual auditions look like

  • How can I submit myself for projects?

  • How do I find out about film projects?

  • How do I get an Agent or Manager?

  • Can I be bi-coastal or live at home and still submit myself for international projects?

  • Do I need to study in the US?

  • Where can I study?

  • Do I need a Green Card?

  • Do I need an Artist Visa?

  • Do I need a Student Visa?

  • How can I work legally?

  • How much will it cost me?

  • What is SAG - AFTRA and Equity and must I join ?

  • Where should I move to? NY or LA?

  • What are the major differences between NY and LA?

  • Could I do Theatre and Film/TV in both places?

  • How do I get started?

  • How do I meet Casting Directors?

  • What's a pilot season and does it make sense to go to LA for three months around this time?

  • What US networks exist and how do they work? 

  • How is casting a film project different from casting a TV-project and why do I need to know that?

  • How does the Musical Theatre business work? 

  • Whats the difference between an American Audition versus an Audition from my home country?

  • Whats appropriate marketing material? 

  • What does my headshot and reel  need to look like?

  • What resources are available? 

The second is for Actors who book BOTH EVENINGS. You will be performing an AUDITION SCENE we will have picked for you. This audition scene will be filmed virtually and sent to a Casting Director who provides you with Feedback. 

***************************************LIMITED SPACING***********************************

If you are interested in the INTENSIVE sign up here for more information and Paypal link. 

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