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(Frequently asked questions)


1. What is the Inside Hollywood Bootcamp?


The Inside Hollywood Bootcamp is an 8 - week long ONLINE LIVE ACTING PROGRAM for international actors. For 8 weeks in a row you will enjoy 2-3 hour EVENING classes three times a week over ZOOM or a similar CONFERENCE ROOM SERVICE. The bootcamp is here as a bridge between local ACTING PROGRAMS and the way Hollywood teaches its actors. This will give you insight and a chance to train with Hollywood professionals. 


2. Who is the IHB for?


This program is for any actors who bring in the motivation to train and work on their craft for two months to explore how far their skillset can be transformed within a short but intense amount of time.  


3. What is our goal? 

The goal is to get you as ready for the STANDARDS in Hollywood as possible. That includes work on your AMERICAN ACCENT, YOUR VOICE, BREATH AND INSTRUMENT and all kinds of skillset hacks for the Hollywood market, from Self-tapes to Acting Scenes and an abundance of information about the HOW, WHERE AND WHAT of the Acting Industry in the States.


4. Is the IHB an Acting education? 

It is not an Acting College nor can it replace one ( You should definitely train your craft separately and LONG TERM.) What this is, is a Bootcamp. 24 Days of training to RESHAPE your craft for an English-speaking market. 



5. What is the benefit from the IHB?


Local Acting schools from your country usually teach based on what works within their local industry. We want to be the bridge and provide you with training you would only get if you were physically in LA or NY. By doing this program online and designed to help where international actors are struggling, we are creating a space and learning experience that can catapult actors’ skillsets towards a more international approach in their careers.

6. When does the next PROGRAM START and what’s the CLASS SCHEDULE? 

The next program starts in Fall 2020, starting the week of Monday October 26th and finishing the week of December 14th.


ACTING MONDAY 7pm - 10 pm (Central European Time) 

In this class we will cover acting skills for the English-speaking market, predominately the TV-market of Hollywood, the differences of auditions for Network shows, dramas, comedies, sitcoms, multi-cam vs one-cam, scene study for cold-read, audition technique, Q&A and feedback from industry professionals and more  as well as LIVE TRAINING SEQUENCES with guest speakers. 


Learn to use your instrument developing the technical skills to expand your breath using the proper muscles and achieve a more vibrant and connected voice.


There are 26 Vowels in the American Standard pronunciation. Each can be learned. You will learn how to adjust your jaw, use different muscles of your tongue and get acquainted with different resonance techniques. On average it takes at least 8 weeks to go through all the vowels and consonants with tools that you can later continue practicing. 


7. Can I get hired through the IHB?


The HB is NOT a work opportunity, it is training ONLY. Hopefully the Bootcamp will transform your skills and you will benefit a lot and get more auditions afterwards. 


8. How does the IHB operate? 


Three times a week we will hold evening or weekend classes.  You will not have to take off work or change your schedule around, but it does require about 9 hours of LIVE CLASSES per WEEK as well as about 4 hours of prep work for each week. 


9. Is there an audition for this program? 

Yes. Admission is by approval only. If you are a trained professional actor you may send us your Acting Reel. If you are new to the industry please submit your best 1-2 min work. This could be a monologue or scene, that shows off your Acting range. Please send an ENGLISH-SPEAKING WORK in addition to a foreign-speaking Reel.


10. What happens if I miss a class? 

Life, happens. At the end of each week, we send you a summary of the the key skills we learned in each class. Be mindful that these are live classes, so just as in real life it requires physical attendance. We will always do our best to get you back to speed but please also try to make the best commitment you can.


11. What if I realize this is not for me? 

Once signed up you have the chance to drop out anytime until 3 weeks before the program starts. After this you will receive 50 percent back of your tuition. 1 Week prior to the program there is no refund.

12. Is the program in ENGLISH? 

YES, While the founders of this program speak GERMAN and SPANISH as native languages as well, all our guest speakers speak English. A good oral and speak ability of the English language is required for this program. We both know how hard it is to authentically act in a foreign language which is why the program is primarily designed for Non- English speakers - yet it’s also incredibly beneficial for English speakers from outside of the US. Either way, there needs to be some basic understanding of the English language in order for you to profit the most you can. 


13. Are there other programs planned? 

Yes, this is currently  a program for the Film and TV -Industry. We also have a program coming up for MUSICAL THEATRE, CONTEMPORARY SINGING and the DANCE COMMUNITY. So stay tuned!


14. Why did you set up the Inside Hollywood Bootcamp?

We are both two international actors who went great lengths to figure how to live and work in the Film and TV Industry as non native English speaking people. We want to make this EASIER FOR YOU. Within our Bootcamp we will address all the crucial information and steps that we had to research and take throughout our journey. While there is an abundance of growth in going through these challenges alone and while they have shaped us, we still want to make this journey a little easier for you.


We are aware that some may never find the way to pursue a US Acting career. This program is not here to encourage you to do so. This program is here to PREPARE YOU in case you do go, or in case there are overlapping opportunities that could arise in your country. Lots of English speaking productions find their way to international grounds to shoot and very often they do look for local talents.



15. How much is the IHB?

The 8 week course has a value of US$777, which is less than US$100/week, which is less than US $11/ one-hour lesson.


16. What is the payment method? 

Payments methods may vary depending on the country you are from but a PayPal transfer can be done through anywhere in the world you may be.


17. Do you offer any Payment plans?

Yes, you can Pay 50% in advance you reserve your spot and the remaining 50% are due before the program begins…

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